The Tesla Model X P90D is the fastest way to take 6 of your companions on an autonomous driving quest in a practical package we so humbly call an SUV. Now before one laments about how performance and a 5400lb SUV can’t intersect on a Venn Diagram, let’s apply a substantial dose of power in the form of dual electric motors that provide 532 horsepower and 713lb-ft of torque. These figures help propel this spaceship to 60mph in a surreal 3.8 seconds and through the quarter mile in a hair above 12 seconds. That’s supercar territory in a package designed to haul your West Elm shopping binge.

If given the opportunity, the Tesla Model X can be summoned, allowing the vehicle to drive up to you and your passengers. Entering and exiting the car becomes a spectacle as well, thanks to Falcon Wings, which ascend and provide celebrity status, even if you are performing the mundane, such as removing a baby seat. Whether your destination is a formal event in West Los Angeles or hiking in Lake Tahoe, the practicality of this SUV allows everyone to sit comfortably with one of the quietest cabins on the market, which comes in handy as you can cruise for up to 250 miles on a single charge.

Interior accommodations are similar to those found in the Model S, with the majority of the hardware and switch gear shared between the two models, including the 17” touch screen. The exception is the massive windshield, which feels more akin to being in a helicopter, that allows for a clear view of everything in front of you (above you too).

If you’ve been curious to drive a car that reinvigorates the industry and possibly our future, drive the Model X P90D on an outing.